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Nenah Sylver, PhD



Writer, educator, artist and musician, Nenah Sylver has devoted her life to the exploration of healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Her early training in music led to subsequent studies in spirituality and physics—all complementary paths to her lifelong passion, the science of frequency. Starting as a young adult, Nenah worked for two decades as a singer-songwriter, playing piano and guitar. She performed in New York City clubs and coffeehouses, traveled for revues, wrote lyrics and music for two off-Broadway plays, and won five songwriting awards. During that time, Nenah also performed for Hospital Audiences, Inc., an organization that specializes in bringing music to adults and children in hospitals, residential treatment centers and nursing homes.


For fifteen years, Nenah had a private practice in body-mind psychotherapy based on the groundbreaking principles of physician and natural scientist Wilhelm Reich. In 1996, she received her PhD from the Union Institute in Transformational Psychology, a multi-disciplinary program of holistic health, psychology and gender studies. Then, in what began as a quest for help with her own health issues, Nenah started researching Royal Rife and his inventions along with other electromedicine therapies. Her extensive knowledge of effective and safe holistic protocols eventually coalesced into The Rife Handbook. As Dr. Sylver's knowledge base grew, the 448-page paperback edition of The Rife Handbook grew into a hardcover volume containing 768 pages, the latest edition of which was published in 2011, called The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.

Among other publications, Nenah’s writing credits on psychology, feminism, health and social change include The New Internationalist, Off Our Backs, Beiträge zum Werk von Wilhelm Reich (Contributions to the Work of Wilhelm Reich), and the anthologies Journeys of the Heart: Perspectives on Intimacy in America (Bruner-Mazel), Glibquips: Funny Words by Funny Women (Crossing Press), Closer To Home: Bisexuality and Feminism (Seal Press), An Introduction to Women’s Studies (Simon & Schuster), Transforming a Rape Culture (Milkweed Editions), Women, Culture, and Society: Readings in Women’s Studies (Simon & Schuster), and Bullying: the Schoolyard, a multicultural & intergenerational anthology (Skyhorse Publishing, 2012). Soon, her chapter on Rife Therapy will be published in The Rebirth of Prometheus, Volume 2 (Inner Traditions, 2012), an extensive volume of cutting-edge research in the fields of science, technology, environmental sustainability, and medicine. Her volume of poetry, Birthing, was published in 1996 by Woman in the Moon Publications. She has been cited in Utne Reader and The New Yorker, and her artwork was used to illustrate an anthology of short stories, to which she also contributed narrative.


Nenah and Sha-LA


Perhaps Nenah is best known for her writing in the health field. In addition to articles in Natural Living Today and Natural Food & Farming, "Toxic Products, Deceptive Labels" appeared in Nexus in 2000. Dr. Sylver’s comprehensive book, The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy, was published in 2004. In 2008, the two-part "Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies" and "Hypothyroidism Type 2: a new way of looking at an old problem" appeared in Townsend Letter. Excerpts from The Rife Handbook have been translated into German and Korean. The entire book is now being translated into Spanish and Polish, and will be released first as an eBook, and later as a printed/bound hardcover edition. The Frequency Directory (Chapter 5) from The Rife Handbook will also be available as a separate eBook and then as a printed/bound Book, in the Spanish and Polish languages.


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The author has appeared on the Pacifica radio station WBAI-FM and on NBC-TV to discuss lifestyle choices. More recent radio interviews featured alternatives to toxic chemicals in the home, and health and electromedical modalities. (Her interviews with Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network can be heard online or downloaded at http://www.nenahsylver.com/interviews-on-rife.html). She is also an interviewee in the upcoming feature-length documentary, "Back From The Edge," in which leading figures in the complementary health field discuss solutions to failed medical care in the US.

Nenah Sylver conducts educational seminars on holistic health and electromedicine (featuring Rife Therapy), and is a featured speaker at conferences on frequency therapies and holistic health all over the world. She loves hearing from other researchers, as well as from readers, whose stories of healing through the use of holistic modalities uplift and inspire her.


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