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Holistic health products, services and information:
Extraordinary technology utilizing a magnetic VORTEX (rather than a magnetic field) provides exceptional pain relief and detoxification that pulls out microbes and their wastes from the body. Just a few benefits include energy you never knew you had, restored mobility to limbs and joints,
allergy and sinus headache relief, and even improved mood. If this seems too good to be true, take a look at their website for proof using darkfield microscopy, GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), Brain Mapping, and more.
Effective, stylish bracelets imbued with frequencies that provide resistance to disease, regeneration of cells and tissues, and pain relief. Some of the frequencies are the Schumann resonances, which harmonize us with the Earth's electromagnetic field and offer protection against electrosmog (harmful EMF).
Scientific articles on energy medicine, specializing in qigong education and a database of practitioners, with videos, podcasts and interviews.
FIR (far infrared) sauna cabinet, with virtually no harmful gauss emissions from the heaters, and the capability of being used with ozone, from the manufacturing plant in Kingston, New York that always welcomes visitors.
Health-supporting products and services for physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and some hard-to-find information, from Kallie Miler, RN (retired).
Tom Harrelson sells many items, including an ozone generator designed to be used for inhalation with essential oils.
Jennifer Ruby's well-organized site filled with up-to-date, comprehensive information on health, including Rife.
Online marketplace for ozonated oils, oxygen therapy products and valuable information on ozone and oxygen therapy, complementary therapies and complementary health.
John EverBlest builds two kinds of radiant heat saunas: 1) Fully functioning, authentic reproductions of John Harvey Kelloggs's Electric Light Bath cabinet (which used Thomas Edison’s light bulbs), and 2) Reclining Electric Light Bath Cabinets--again, built with no plywood, glue, putty or paint.


Rife and other electromedicine sites:
Stanley Truman’s historical archive site with rare photos, articles and more. This may be the most comprehensive site on the Internet of Rife memorabilia, well worth the time of either the serious researcher or curious novice.
For the novice, simple and straightforward by Bob Dunn.
Bryan Rosner's site for
a growing list of very important titles in the fields of holistic health and medicine, including books on detoxifying from mold, and of course his own books—among them, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, and his newest, Freedom From Lyme Disease.
Brian McInturf's updated site contains naturopathic regimens from the Electroherbalism website, plus comprehensive information on bioelectronics, nutritional supplements, and more.
Since 1996, Canadian manufacturer Resonant Light Technologies has produced the PERL (Photon Emission Resonant Light), based on designs by chiropractor James Bare. The PERL emits frequencies in a non-contact 30-foot range, allowing freedom of movement and multiple users at one time. The company sells directly to end-users and through accredited resellers.
European high quality fully certified Rife/Clark/Beck devices, yet at affordable prices now sold internationally. These devices are easy to use and are so portable, you can wear them around your waist in a fanny pack and use the electrode patches while you're working, walking, exercising, or doing chores.
These are some of the most sophisticated frequency devices for laypersons and professionals. This company is doing serious, cutting-edge laboratory research that provides valid frequencies and other technical data.
TB-Electronics in Switzerland, manufacturer of the F-Scan, a biofeedback device that determines what frequencies you need and then administers them.
Richard Loyd, PhD has some health information you won't find elsewhere, such as the Nutric-Spec Letters.
Chiropractor Jim Bare, inventor of the now-famous Bare-Rife device and respected member of the Rife community, offers information and photos. His video of pond scum bursting apart from exposure to an 1150 Hz wave from a Bare-Rife machine is famous on the Internet.
(The red arrows in the photo to the right show the insides of the paramecium coming out after the organism has exploded.)
Used by some Rife researchers, BRL Laboratory in the Canary Islands (Spain) provides diagnostic services for microscopic blood examination and biological terrain analysis (see some photos of live blood on this site).
Bill Cheb is well known in the Rife Community for supplying many different styles and kinds of plasma tubes for different frequency device manufacturers.
Peter Walker’s comprehensive site with history of Rife, documentation on devices, information on clinical trials and a high-power microscope.
Peter Walker’s international forum for all types of Rife research, on the new high-powered German Ergonom microscope, and modern resonance therapy.
Complementing numerous other online resources on the work of Royal Raymond Rife, the Rife Wiki presents—and allows you to create—pages relating to Rife history, microscopes and frequency therapy.
From Germany, these exceptionally high power optical microscopes—with enhanced depth of field, resolution and color contrast—are even better than Royal Rife's original microscopes. With the development of a special line of microscopes at an affordable price, every serious scientific, medical and Rife researcher should have one.


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