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Chapter 5 --

the Frequency Directory


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  The Rife Handbook
   of Frequency Therapy
     and Holistic Health

(2011 Revised Edition)

    by Nenah Sylver, PhD


A 202-page alphabetized, cross-referenced compendium
on medicine, microbes, disease, how the body works...and how the body heals.


  • Sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system table

  • Dental meridian chart

  • Essiac tea recipe

  • Detox protocols

  • History of Cansema

  • Information on amino acids

  • Vital facts on Lyme and mold toxins

  • More. . . .


Sample pages from the
Frequency Directory,
exactly as they appear
in the Hardcover book
and in the eBook,
complete with formatting


SAMPLES of three complete sections excerpted from the Frequency Directory, put onto these web pages:

   Thyroid (affected body part)

   Autoimmune Disorders (affected body system, disease or disorder)

   Mycoplasma (microbe)


These three sections are representative of the different types of Frequency Directory sections. They illustrate how various disorders, body systems and microbes are connected to each other in ways you might never have suspected. Once you understand these relationships, you will vastly increase the effectiveness of results when you work with Rife Therapy.


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