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Rife Handbook



The Rife Handbook

of Frequency Therapy
and Holistic Health (2011)

by Nenah Sylver, PhD

             available as a Hardcover          


Rife Handbook Highlights

Chapter 1: The Politics of Medicine and the Nature of Health

Definitions of health. Drug damage versus effectiveness. How to analyze clinical trials, and why government oversight doesn't work. Hospital procedures and infections, iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease and preventable deaths. Vaccines: myths, ingredients, how they affect the body. How drugs are approved, the pharmaceutical industry's marriage to the FDA, various government agencies and officials, and even to universities. How rBGH and aspartame got approved. How drugs are marketed and publicized. Corporate-owned media, the fallacy of "peer reviewed" articles, and industry ties to medical journals. Doping our children with psychotropic drugs. Addiction. Special issues with electronic media and how it affects the brain. Drugs in our food and in our drinking water. Lawsuits against Big Pharma. Big Pharma's campaign against nutritional supplements. A holistic, functional approach to health.

Chapter 2: The History of Pleomorphism and the Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife

Life cycles of a microbe (Béchamp versus Pasteur). Precursors to disease, including but not limited to: nutritional deficiencies, sleep deficit, oxygen insufficiency, chemical and electromagnetic toxicities, injury, pH imbalance, pathogens, and emotional states. Healing the terrain. Pleomorphism proponents Rudolf Virchow, Florence Nightingale, Guenther Enderlein, Bruno Haefeli, Wilhelm Reich and Edward Rosenow, and the modern proponents Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, Gaston Naessens, Lida Mattman, others.

Little known facts about Rife's life. His Universal Microscope and Rife Ray. Clinical trials. How Rife’s original devices actually worked. The persecution of Rife. John Crane, John Marsh, and the next generation of frequency devices. A modern high-resolution microscope from Germany and detailed diagrams of a pleomorphic life cycle (includes measurements). Special photo essay on Rife, his colleagues and instruments, newspaper clippings, and more.

Chapter 3: Complementary Therapies

Water: its unique properties and sources, and its relationship to minerals. Heavy metals, unabsorbed minerals, electrolytes. A thorough analysis of distilled water and its direct and indirect effects on living tissues. Different ways of cleaning and restoring water. Popular beverages. Food: why different diets are needed, variations in biochemistry and metabolism, and more. How we raise our food: factory farming, genetic engineering, irradiation, cloning. Defining organic, wildcrafted, heirloom, local, free range, Brix, and more. What we eat, including good and bad fats, chemicals and synthesized "foods." Expanded section on sweeteners, including the history, biochemical effects, and processing of agave syrup, xylitol and stevia. The discoveries of Weston A. Price. Selected food preparation methods and cookware.

Herbs: their potency and preparation. Why we need nutritional supplements; food-based versus synthetic ones. Oxygen therapies: hydrogen peroxide, HBOT and ozone. Includes ozone in drinking water; insufflation, funneling and limb bagging; inhalation (there's a right way and wrong way to do it); salve; generators; and using ozone in the sauna. Colloidal Silver: its history, how it works, contraindications, preparation, particle size, storage, CS generators for the home, and how to use it. CS toxicity propaganda, and how to reverse argyria if it occurs. Colon cleansing. Exercise: benefits of, aerobic versus anaerobic, its effects on the lymphatic system, its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Bodywork: the physiological and emotional implications of touch, massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, new relationships of myofascial release to Oriental modalities, more. Light and color therapies in depth, including the pineal gland and light, SAD, single-color light therapy with lasers and LEDs, and Dinshah's Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy. Sauna therapy. Sleep, sleep-inducing food and supplements, Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT), new developments in meditation.

Chapter 4: All About Frequency Devices and Rife Sessions

Precautions to take with Rife Therapy. What to do if you have a heart condition, are wearing a pacemaker, are pregnant or nursing, have blood clots, are taking pharmaceuticals or herbs, are wearing implants, are sensitive to concentrated EM radiation. Eliminating toxins released by rifing. Giving sessions to infants, children, pets, farm/zoo animals. Types of devices, what to look for in a unit and manufacturer. Related devices, (including lasers and LEDs), general sweeps, frequencies on CD and DVD. Electrical terms for non-engineers. FAQs about rife sessions, frequency selection and microbe response, how the frequencies work, specific health conditions, updates on Rife technology and treatments, much more.


Special insert, “A Short Course on How to Give Yourself a Rife Session.” Photo essay depicting many types of equipment, including a new high-power Ergonom microscope with better resolution than Rife’s original microscope, along with clear detailed photos taken through the Ergonom.


Chapter 5: Frequency Directory

An alphabetical, annotated, fully cross-referenced list of symptom pictures and frequencies for rife technology instruments. In addition to single, stand-alone entries, there are the following categories: Arthritis and Joints. Bacteria. Blood Sugar Levels. Bone and Skeleton. Cancer. Candida, Fungi, Molds and Yeasts. Chemical Poisoning / Detoxification. Dental (Mouth and Gums, and Teeth). Ears. Eyes. Gastrointestinal Tract (Systemic Conditions, Colon / Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Stomach and Esophagus). Glands (Adrenals, Pancreas, Parathyroid, Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, Thyroid). Headache. Heart, Blood and Circulation. Injuries. Insect Bites. Liver and Gall Bladder (Liver, and Gall Bladder). Lymphatic System. Men (Penis, Prostate, Sexual Functioning, Testicles, Urinary). Mind and Emotions. Muscles. Nervous System and Brain. Parasites, Protozoa and Worms. Regeneration and Healing. Respiratory Tract (Lungs, Nose and Sinuses, Throat and Lymph Nodes, Vocal Chords). Skin. Tuberculosis. Tumors, Benign. Ulcers. Urinary Tract (Bladder and Urethra, and Kidneys). Viruses. Women (Breasts; Menstruation and Menopause; Sexual Functioning; Uterus and Cervix, Ovaries, and Fallopian Tubes; Vagina and Labia). Each Level 1 section  also contains a summary of how the body works, as well as explanations of selected medical terms.

Chapter 6: Creating a Better World, Inside and Out

The trauma of illness and death. The five stages of dying and the implications of letting go. Doctor support or lack of it. When a privileged few control the world’s wealth. When corporations become government: legal theft and criminal commerce. Dominator (dominant) paradigm tactics, and how to go beyond the dominator paradigm. Scientific research outside the box: the interconnection of quantum particles, and the human as hologram. The power of prayer, long distance healing and group intention. The Unified Field and healing with the heart. Changing the structure of water and of our own DNA. Love as a resonance.

Appendix A: Resources

Organizations on natural health and vaccine information, hospice care, practitioner databases. Rife-related websites: information, egroups, device manufacturers. Other, "non-rife" frequency devices including LEDs. Sources of colloidal silver generators, ozone equipment and saunas. Ground-breaking personal care products using frequencies.

Appendix B: Legal Implications of Rife Sessions

This Appendix has been written for people who want to share rifing with others. A general legal guideline of who may "practice" Rife Therapy, and under what conditions. Implications for practitioners who want to administer Rife Therapy to their clients.


Appendix C: Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies

In the 1960s, counterculture hippies were urging us to give peace a chance (great advice). To expedite that process, it was helpful to have “good vibrations”—considered so important that the Beach Boys wrote a catchy song with this title. It was easy to tell who had good vibes and who didn’t. An optimistic, considerate person was considered “high frequency,” while a pessimistic, disagreeable individual was “low frequency.” Not surprisingly, everyone wanted to be around the folks who had good vibes. Colloquialism aside, saying that someone is “high frequency” is based on legitimate science. Every molecule, cell, living body, and object is comprised of energy that manifests as physical matter. Some of that energy is detectible as frequencies that belong to one or more radiation bands in the electromagnetic spectrum. And these frequencies correspond to biochemical and biological processes in the body.  

Appendix D: Selected Published Studies in Electromedicine

There are thousands of articles in medical and scientific journals on the use of electromagnetic (EM) fields, electric fields, electrical current, static magnetic fields, pulsed magnetic fields, frequency-induced diathermy (heat), and more, to treat all kinds of conditions—ranging from bone fractures and muscle sprains to Parkinson’s and cancer. Here is a tiny sample of studies done in the past several decades. The major difference between frequency therapies used in these clinical trials and studies and Rife's original technology is that these more modern studies were done with different equipment, and the word "Rife" is never mentioned.

Appendix E: Rife Research in the United States

In August 2009, scientific research was begun in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that involved the assistance of established (mainstream) medical personnel and actually included the name “Rife” in its title. Anthony G. Holland,PhD, a music professor known for his conducting, composing and performing, had learned of Rife therapy and recognized its value. With the cooperation of inventorchiropractor James Bare, he made several presentations with a Bare-Rife plasma frequency device and secured the help of several scientists, including the director of a cancer lab who has a PhD in oncology from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Holland’s background in digital waveform synthesis and analysis, acoustics and physics—along with his interest in health and frequency therapy—made him ideal to organize and supervise the research team. The research, which is ongoing, is called “Plasma Emission Field Treatment,” or PEFT. Novobiotronics Inc., a non-profit corporation (, was formed to fund the studies showing the effects of the Bare-Rife device on cancer cells and pathogens. Here are photos of slides, and graphs, that show what Rife and his colleagues already knew in the 1930s: that frequencies can kill microbes and reverse cancer!





     available as a Hardcover

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Publisher: Phoenix, Arizona
  Desert Gate Productions LLC
Copyright Date: 2011   
ISBN Number: 97809818075-1-5
Book size: 8.5" x 11" (22.5 x 28.7 x 4.6 cm)
Page count: 768
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